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School Practices and Guidelines

On behalf of the entire faculty and staff, we welcome you to The Skokie School. We are extremely proud of our student body, our supportive parents, and committed staff. We work together to foster high academic standards and social emotional skills within each individual in our school community. Various policies and procedures have been developed over the years through discussions with and suggestions from the students, faculty, parents, and the PTO. Many of these policies are written in The Skokie School Student Handbook that is printed inside each 5th and 6th grade assignment notebook. Our Parent Handbook clarifies similar day-to-day routines and school guidelines. It is consistent with the Student Handbook, but is not written in student-friendly language. We encourage parents and students to read both handbooks as a family. This process will help establish a clear understanding of guidelines and expectations. We look forward to everyone contributing to a successful year at The Skokie School.

The Skokie School - Practices and Guidelines 2023-2024 (PDF)